Culture-Hotel Tarscher Wirt

For over 500 years

Food has been cooked since 1478 here, the sources say.

In other words: it must be a great place for a stop. Great in every way. The road, the area, the quality of the food and the atmosphere.

The secret: the typical bulky wooden hotel furniture from the 70s, including dull and lumpy  decoration, which make other places look heavy and  quirky, have been “camouflaged”  by a layer of colour: elegant cream tones and as a contrast, beige, peaceful, serene and relaxed… both  the furniture and the atmosphere.

Sometimes it reminds us of a cafe with a huge selection of reads: magazines, books and selected newspapers. You can find out for yourself at the Hotel in Tarres with all the peacefulness and with the spirit of a new world.

Eating well & drinking
The food is great,

The food is great, the pizza is excellent, the relaxed atmosphere caters for any occasion.
The Tarscher Wirt knows how to do what a typical village inn needs to be doing. 

Inside there is space

for about 60-70 people, and the garden offers an extra 30-40 places, weather permitting.
The ideal size for any type of party.

The Tarscher Wirt has always been a meeting point for the inhabitants of the village.

Coming up with new and interesting things is always a pleasant challenge… that’s what we do: every day the Tarscher Wirt becomes a little more of a “culture-guesthouse”, with plenty of room for little but sophisticated events, concerts, lectures and comedy. We draw up the program as we like it. And we like to make everyone part of it.

Find out more about Tarscher Wirt and the historic guest house Zum Riesen
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